A Vintage Dinner

Tonight I cooked dinner using all vintage kitchen items. My stove is from 1957, it was originally my Grandmothers and she gave it to me 31 years ago and I have used it every since. The cast iron skillet belonged to my other Grandmother, it is from the 50's. I use it all the time. It never sticks and I don't have to worry about fumes from non-stick pans harming my pet birds. My silver-plate was a wedding present to my parents in 1948. They gave it to me several years ago.
My "new" vintage item is the Guardian Service saucepan. It is pre-WWII because it has a metal lid. I was very excited to find it at The Salvation Army a few weeks ago. I also got the Guardian Service chicken fryer. Both pieces were only $4.50 each. Guardian Service is very collectible. It was sold at home parties as one of the first waterless cooking sets. It was quite expensive for it's time. The quality is so good that a lot of collectors still use their pieces. I intend to use mine. I never have had luck frying chicken but maybe my "new" pan will help.
The green beans in my "new" pan were grown by my husband, he also parboiled and frozen them. They are so good, I wish he would grow some this year. A few weeks ago we went to The Carlsbad Flower Fields to see the flowers they were beautiful. We stopped at a European Market-Deli nearby and bought the yummy smoked pork chops I cooked tonight. They were much larger than the puny ones in the local grocery stores.
I will be posting photos of more of my vintage items in the future.


Lidian said...

How beautiful all your vintage things are! I think that the things I have from my mother handle better and cook better than anything made now.

And I was so glad to see Guardian Service! The avatar I am presently using comes from the cookbook of theirs that I have.

Look forward to seeing more!

Rochelle R. said...

I am so annoyed with myself. Now I have some Guardian Service and can't find the Instruction/recipe booklet I have. Guess I have too many plastic totes of booklets. :)

Kathy said...

Isn't it fun to actually use the vintage kitchen pieces? Just the other night I used one of those old Universal clamp-on meat grinders to grind up some leftover roast for tacos. Works like a charm.