A confession

I must admit that I am computer retarded. I check out other peoples food blogs and they are so nice looking with all sorts of things on the side bar. Photos, awards, favorites, links etc, etc. I have been blogging for over a year and all my sites are just as bare bones as you can get. Witness my homemade banner that doesn't fit the space correctly. Half the time I can't even post links that work. Occasionally someone has tagged me or given me an award and I can't even seem to respond properly. I actually paid for a web site and domain and it is just sitting there forlornly because I can't figure out how to customize it and post on it correctly.

If I knew what I was doing I would cleverly write "Blog" over the word health in the scan. Alas I haven't a clue how to do that. So please bear with me as I stumble along.


Lidian said...

I love this ad!

Kathy said...

Just keep at it, Rochelle, learning one technique at a time. Then build upon each new technique you that you learn. It took me over two years to teach myself all the programs, etc. necessary to set up one of my websites from scratch, but I finally did it!