For Those on a Budget- Mock Steak

Here is a retro idea for those of us who can no longer afford a steak dinner. Just fake it with hamburger! This idea cracks me up. I am sure anyone who actually tried it didn't have it come out looking anything like the one in the ad. I bet it would fall apart when you tried to turn it to broil the other side. Basically it just sounds like a glorified broiled meatloaf.

Mock Steak (serves 8)

Mix 2 lbs. ground round, 1/2 lb. lean pork, 1 env. dry onion soup mix, 2 Tbs. Lea & Perrins, 2 cups stuffing mix, 1 -1/2 cups tomato juice. Form into steak shape 1 inch thick. Wrap 2 strips thick bacon at outer edge to resemble fat. During broiling brush with mixture of 1/2 cup melted butter, 2 Tbs. Lea & Perrins, 3 Tbs. catsup. Broil 10 minutes each side. Use carrot strip to make bone.
From a 1968 Family Circle


Lidian said...

This is so wonderful, this ad...I really - just love that someone thought this up!

I myself am never original with hamburger. Never was, never will be!

Shay said...

This actually sounds like a half-way decent recipe for meatloaf, although I'd cut the stuffing mix in half.