Formating Woes?

Lately I just can't seem to get my posts of format correctly. I use double spacing and paragraph breaks and they just don't show up when posted. When I try to edit the post I insert the spacing and when I click post it still comes out the same. This doesn't happen everytime, that is what makes it weird. I know it is hard to read a recipe that is not double spaced and I find this very frustrating. I wonder if it Blogger or me.

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~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

HI Rochelle(:)

If you like mayo.. it is really good on the meatloaf sannies(:) give 'r a try..

thanks on the hairdos ..
so glad you came over..

The blog spacing and posting I am the same as you I have a hard time all I know if you edit using the html or what ever is at the top right corner of the edit page and if you know how to do the html you can fix somethings.. but I'm not good at it either..

well hope you have a great day and the peach-plum pie sounds good (:)
hugs Patty