Duck Cut-Up Cake

Have your ever made a cut-up cake? The idea has been around for a long time. Coconut companies have put out quite a few booklets promoting the idea.

You make a cake in a rectangle or round pan or sometimes both, then you cut it up and reassemble it to form a cute cake. Now that there are so many specialty shaped pans available I don't know if many people do this anymore. At Easter we always made a simple bunny cake for the kids at my day care center.

This cute duck cake is from a 1959 booklet Baker's Coconut Animal Cut-up Cakes.

Quack-Quack the Duck

Quack Quack the duck waddles down the street

With coconut feathers and yellow feet.

Her voice may not be very sweet,

But boy! will she be good to eat!

1. Bake a 9-inch round cake layer. Cool. Cut from center to one edge. Measure 41/2 inches both ways from this point. Cut through points and center on curve.

2. This makes two sections divide one in half for head and wing. Cut a one-inch strip from curved side of remaining section for neck. Divide rest in half for feet.

3. Place pieces as shown. Spread on a fluffy white frosting. Drift on Baker's Angel Flake Coconut for feathers. Tint coconut yellow for feet and bill. Use gumdrops for eye and bill, shoestring licorice for wing.


Tootie said...

Ahhhh, my mom had several of these little recipe books that had the cut up cakes and sometimes when I was little we'd attempt them!

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Rochelle,
Grabbing this link for Gumdrop Day tomorrow. Hope you don't mind.

Thanks for sharing...